OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The leader of Jamatud-dawa Pakistan Prof Hafiz Mohammad Saeed on Monday expressed deep anxiety over the discovery of unmarked mass graves in Indian occupied Kashmir and demanded of the War Crimes to be registered against India. The discovery of the collective graves is the worst example of the Indian state terrorism against those struggling for self-determination under the shadow of the UN resolutions. An independent probe into the matter would lead to many more such discoveries. The Indian Army has left Bosnia and Kosovo far behind as for as the brutalities under the state umbrella are concerned Haifz Saeed said. He criticized the silence of the United Nations, the Security Council and other Human Rights organizations. The Human Rights Commission report, he said, has revealed the reality that India was using all the unfair means to crush the ongoing freedom movement in the valley. He stressed upon Government of Pakistan to divorce any compromise with the neighboring country and expose the atrocities of the Indian Army in the entire world. He also insisted upon the HR organizations to take notice of the Indian brutality in the occupied territory. India did not allow the HR organizations to visit the valley only to avoid the exposure of its brutalities, he added.