GAZA (Agencies) - The Israeli military and Palestinian militant groups entered a de facto truce on Monday, after four days of escalating violence in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel that left at least 15 Palestinians and one Israeli dead. Taher al-Nunu, a spokesman for the Hamas government told a press conference on Monday that all factions in the strip had agreed to hold their fire provided Israeli forces would stop their attacks as well. There was no corresponding statement from Israel. However, a spokeswoman for the Israeli military confirmed that the air force had not attacked Gaza since Sunday evening, suggesting that Israel, too, was keen to calm the situation. Another Israeli official said: There is no agreement. Our policy is that if we see someone getting ready to fire a rocket, we will act. [But] if they dont attack us, the border will remain quiet. The latest eruption of violence was triggered by last weeks deadly attack near the southern Israeli resort of Eilat. A group of 15-20 gunmen entered Israel from the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, and launched a series of attacks on buses and cars travelling close to the Egyptian border. Eight Israelis were killed in the raid, one of the worst on Israeli soil in recent years. The Israeli government blamed the attack on Gaza-based militants, later identified by the internal security service as belonging to the so-called Popular Resistance Committees. Starting on Thursday evening, Israeli war planes flew a series of attacks on Gaza, killing 15 and injuring 61. Among the dead was the leader of the PRC, which later denied that its fighters carried out the attack near Eilat. The PRC, along with the Islamist Hamas group and other militant factions, also launched a barrage of rockets and missiles on nearby Israeli towns and villages, killing one man in the city of Beersheva, and injuring many more. Last weeks cross-border raid also sparked a diplomatic standoff between Egypt and Israel, following the death of at least three Egyptian security officers caught in crossfire between Israeli soldiers and the attackers. Cairo was also incensed by a series of disparaging remarks by senior Israeli officials over the lack of Egyptian control in the Sinai.