MOHMAND AGENCY - In the wake of extending Political Parties Order (PPO-2002) to Fata, various political parties and political administration of Mohmand Agency on Monday signed a code of conduct according to which, there will be a complete ban on speeches against various school of thoughts, displaying arms, staging protests on roads and bazaars, while political parties will have to inform the administration, if political leadership from outside the agency is due to participate in a public meeting. The code of conduct was signed between various political parties which included PPP, ANP, PPP-S, PTI, JUI-F, JI, PML (N), PML (Q) and political administration of the agency, following the extension of PPP-2002 to FATA after making amendments in the FCR. Now political parries can take active participation in political activities. However, it was necessary to make a code of conduct for the purpose, which aimed at flourishing political activities in tribal areas smoothly. According to the conduct, all the political parties would be bound to properly inform the political administration, if political leadership of a party is due to visit the agency to speech a meeting or public gathering. Besides, there will be a complete ban on delivering furious speeches against different schools of thought and tribes. Moreover Ghalanai Sports Complex could be utilised for holding public meetings however, for doing so concerned party would have to take prior permission from the administration. Under the code of conduct, there will be a complete ban on displaying arms, staging protests on roads and bazaars. However, for peace walks, such shopping centres and roads would be used. Checking of political parties workers would be the responsibility of the party volunteers, while the administration would provide security in and out side of the public gathering.