PESHAWAR - Teased by the absence of electricity for the last one week due to the out of order power transformer, the angry residents of Nothia took out a protest demonstration against Pesco here on Monday. They took out a rally towards Peshawar Press Club. They chanted slogans against the apathy of Pesco high-ups. Some of the protestors were equipped with bars of iron. They were holding placards and banners. They said that for the last one week their power transformer had been out of order but Pesco did not pay any heed to their problems. Ubaidullah, leading the protestors, informed that only a 200-kv power transformer was available in Gul Abad area for about 500 families adding that they had earlier rectified the fault of power transformer on several occasion on self help based but to no avail. He said that they had time and again paid certain Pesco employees, which the latter were demanding to rectify the transformer, adding that despite paying them about one lac rupees, collected by people of the area, Pesco officials were not helping them out. They demanded immediate redressal of the issue on the contrary of which, they would resort to blockade of roads for traffic and holding protest demonstration till they were facilitated with the power transformer. Meanwhile residents of Mera Sorizai took out armed procession against power load shedding in the area here on Monday and threatened to besiege Wapda House in Peshawar provided power was not restored to them within the next 12 hours to come. Hailing from Mera Kichori, the residents of Mera Sorizai maintained that in case of any untoward happening all responsibility would fall on the shoulders of Pesco Chief Executive adding that they were bereaved from power supply for the last four days, which has put them into a miserable condition. The demonstrators gathered at Jamil Chowk- near Ring Road- Peshawar also burnt tyres on the road and closed the venue for all kind of traffic and chanted anti-Wapda and Pesco slogans for their failure of the system. Leading by ANP local leader Sadiq Afridi, Awal Jan and Muhammad Ibrar, the protest gatherers said that they have lost their passion for the apathy of Pesco wherein most of the employees of the company were busy only in greasing their palms instead of rendering any services to the masses in the real sense of the word. They maintained that due to the accesses on the part of Pesco, it would be hard for the government to keep law and order situation under its control and demanded that Pesco must be made responsible. The protestors informed that the grand jirga of the locals earlier has unanimously decided and extend the warning to besiege Wapda house and to take up arms if power was not restored to their areas during the next 12 hours. In case of any untoward happening, then, all the responsibility would rest with Pesco Chief executive and the corrupt authorities of Rahman Baba Pesco Sub-division, they maintained.