LAHORE - More than 450 senior college teachers, both male and female, have been waiting for antedated promotions pending since 1990, and they have blamed the lethargic attitude of the Punjab Higher Education Department for their woes, TheNation has reliably learnt. It may be motioned here that the honourable Lahore High Court and Punjab Services Tribunal had directed the department to settle the issue of the delayed promotion cases according to the rules, but the PHED is still using delaying tactics. Documents available with TheNation reveal that in 1990 the total strength of college teachers of General Cadre was 12092, and they were reorganized under the four tier formula (1: 15: 34: 50) in position of different grades, including 121 (male and female) in BS 20, 1,813 in BS 19, 4,112 in BS 18, 6,046 in BS 17 on September 1, 1990, under the notification number 6-4/74 of SO Colleges, dated March 21, 1990, of the Government of the Punjab. According to the notification, the promotion quota of BS 19 to 20 was 80 per cent while 20 per cent teachers would be appointed on direct selection basis. From BS 18 to 19 was re-fixed 70 per cent for the promotees and 30 per cent for direct recruitment. From BS 17 to 18, the promotion quota was re-fixed at 75 per cent and direct recruitment was 25 per cent. Direct quota of all grades was filled in 1993 through the Punjab Public Service Commission. The documents further reveal that 121 promotees in BS 20 have been promoted on September 1, 1990, but 16 are still waiting for their promotion. Likewise, 1,813 promotees in BPS19 have been promoted on September 1, 1990 but 168 are still waiting. In BS 18 a total number of promotees was 4,112 but 266 are waiting. Moreover, 1,006 senior college teachers are waiting for re-fixation of their seniority. Interestingly, a number of teachers among those who are still waiting for promotion in the record had died or living retired life. Sources said a number of 450 teachers had left the department, terminated, expired or joined other departments before 1990 but the Higher Education Department still had their names in its seniority lists thus depriving others of their rights. Some teachers moved to the Services Tribunal or Lahore High Court and the court directed the department to settle the delayed promotion process according to the rules but the orders of the court have not been followed due to non-serious attitude of concerned authorities of PHED. Punjab Professors and Lecturers Association officebearers including President Dr Zahid Ahmed Sheikh, Senior Vice President Prof Shahid Chaudhary and General Secretary Prof Tanveer Ahmed Shah told this scribe that they had urged many times to the authorities to settle the issue but they were reluctant. They demanded of the government that the incumbent teachers should be promoted in BS 18, 19 and 20 according to the four tier formula and seniority with effect from September 1, 1990. They said the seniority lists of the department were fake, which should be corrected immediately. PPLA officer bearers warned the department of moving to the court against the PHED on account of contempt of court that if their long lasting demands would not be settled immediately. Despite repeated attempts, Punjab Higher Education Department Secretary Haseeb Athar could not be reached for his comments on the issue.