The smallest baby to ever undergo open heart surgery is now making a remarkable recovery. Eleana Hastings weighed just 3lb 5oz - equivalent to six packs of butter - when she went under the surgeons knife in an emergency operation. She was born six weeks prematurely with a rare heart problem, but her life was saved by medics at Birmingham Childrens Hospital. Her parents Francesca and Darren, both 36, said their ordeal had put them on an emotional roller coaster. Mrs Hastings, said: 'Only when she came out of surgery safely, did we let ourselves cry with happiness. Now were looking forward to the day we can take Eleana home for good. Eleana had a missing pulmonary valve, a large hole between her two heart ventricles and dilated pulmonary arteries. The conditions would need corrective surgery, and it would be a lifetime condition. 'But the main thing was that they could help her, Eleanas mother said. Despite arriving six weeks early, the baby quickly proved to be a fighter, breathing and screaming heartily - much to her parents delight. She was rushed straight to a neonatal intensive care bed. Eleana was suffering breathing problems because her hugely enlarged pulmonary arteries were compressing her airways and she had to be put on a ventilator. There, she remained stable but increasingly had problems in maintaining her oxygen levels. So nine days later she was transferred to Birmingham Childrens Hospital, where leading cardiac surgeon Mr William Brawn performed major open heart surgery on her. DM