District administration has issued directions for hotels, restaurants, bakeries and confectioneries, fast foods and other businesses dealing in edibles.

According to the directions, cooking and preparation of food be done in airy place where clean water is available; tiles be affixed on the floor and after each mixing process, the place be washed and dried. Ceiling and walls of the rooms in which food is prepared be cleaned and after each 6 months, ceiling and walls be white washed.

It directed the food points to arrange proper lighting for the rooms and make chimneys for the evacuation of smoke; make a list of the staff working in the kitchen and get their medical certificates. Sleeping of workers in the kitchens be prohibited, nails of the workers be clipped and the use of soap for washing hands be ensured. They were asked to install metal net in doors and windows so that flies and other insect cannot enter the kitchen; store flour and other food items at a place protected from insects, flies and rats; not to let garbage be stored in the kitchens; use quality products in the preparation of food and state on all the products batch number, manufacturing date and expiry date.

In case any restaurant, hotes or bakery fails to follow the above mentioned directions, strict action be taken against them along with heavy fines.