ISLAMABAD - Environmental and climate experts on Saturday suggested for adopting modern techniques and ways for arresting further eco-degradation and deforestation in the country.

The experts stressed the need for improving environment by avoiding wood cutting in the capital. Talking to APP the experts said that the impact of energy sufficient technologies (EST) in the capital including environment friendly technologies were contributing to improve the situation.

Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) environmental expert Dr Fahad said that forests are vital for life and stressed for more vigorous tree plantation campaigns throughout the country.

Dr Fahad said that climate change adaptation was causing a major reduction in tree cutting. He said that by the efforts of various segments of the society, during last two years tree plantation has registered increase in the capital.

He said that trees protect soil from erosion, producing oxygen, storing carbon-dioxide and help control climate. Moreover, they also play their role in purifying the air and water. Another expert from SDPI, Kashif Salik said that cutting of trees do not only result in decreasing of carbon absorption, but also release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could prove fatal for the environment. He said that during the latest heat wave in Karachi and other areas of the country, lack of trees was the main reason behind it.

Dr Mehmood Khalid Qamar stressed the need to plant more trees across the country. Qamar said that around the globe due to shortage of trees, summers are becoming hotter, monsoons are more irregular, heavy reinfall occurs over a short period which was causing severe flash floods and landslides.

He said that the government was formulating effective policies by encouraging research on the climate change related issues.