Gemma Arterton separated from her husband-of-two-years Stefano Catelli in November 2012. But the former Bond girl was finally granted her divorce at the Central Family Court in London's High Holborn on Friday, after almost three years of waiting  

The 29-year-old, who starred in Quantum Of Solace alongside Daniel Craig, was granted a decree nisi at a brief hearing, which neither she nor Stefano attended. The order in the undefended petition for divorce was granted on the grounds of two years separation 'by consent'.

Court papers made public show that 29-year-old Arterton and Catelli, who married in 2010, separated on November 1 2012 and that they have not lived together since. The Kent-born star said in a divorce document that it was on the date the couple separated that she came to the decision the marriage was at an end. Paperwork states that a judge found that the actress, who stars in the new film release Gemma Bovery, was 'entitled to a decree of divorce, the marriage having irretrievably broken down, the facts being proved being two years' separation by consent'. 

She and the Italian fashion consultant enjoyed a whirlwind romance in which they married in a Spanish ceremony just less than a year after getting engaged at the Download music festival.

At the time, Gemma said their love was 'absolutely instant' and something that she went right home to write about in her diary. The actress even said 'I just really want to spend the rest of my life with him. He's an amazing man.’

Two years later, they had gone their separate ways and Gemma spoke about their separation for the first time in 2013, confessing to Marie Claire: 'It was a wonderful time and I have nothing bad to say about it. 'Even if they don’t last relationships can enrich your life in some way and then you move on to the next part – it’s all part of the process of living.'

She added: 'I don’t know how I feel about marriage; whether it’s really necessary. If you are not religious, what does it mean? I’d always thought that – then I got married. And now I still believe in what I believed in when I was a child.'  At the time she confessed she was yet to meet her soulmate, but that she hoped that there was someone for everyone. Now, Gemma is happily coupled up with Franklin Ohanessian, with whom she confirmed romance in 2014 by saying: ‘Franklin doesn’t like or really want to be in the limelight, but yes, we are together.' Adding: ‘We met when I was filming The Voices and hit it off. We speak in French and I regularly commute to Paris to be with him.’ 

Later, talking to Stylist magazine, the brunette admitted that her family believe her first husband will not be her last. She revealed: 'Mom said to me the other day, "Darling, you’re going to be like Elizabeth Taylor, you’re going to have hundreds of husbands. '"Oh well – that’s just the way it’s gonna be." But, you know, obviously no-one gets married to get divorced, that’s just life. It’s the way it is.