LAHORE - The Gohar Ejaz group has swept the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association annual elections for 2014-15 for seventh consecutive term both in centre and all the three zones of Punjab, Sindh and KP, as no nomination papers were filed against the candidates of Gohar Ejaz Group.

All candidates of the Group were elected unopposed on 12 seats for the Central Executive Committee, according to unofficial results announced by the Election Commission of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association.

The opposition could not even file a single member against the Gohar Ejaz panel of 24 members. This year turn for central chairmanship is from Sindh zone but the Punjab zone chairman always has the major role as 220 textile units are located in Punjab out of total 280 textile mills in the country.

The group had fielded 24 candidates from all over Pakistan including eleven candidates for the Central Managing Committee out of which six belong to Punjab and five to Sindh zone. Amir Fayyaz has been nominated for the office of chairman APTMA Punjab, Syed Ali Ahsan as senior vice chairman and Adil Bashir as vice xhairman and Ali Pervez as treasurer of Punjab Zone. Aamir Fayyaz, chairman elect for Punjab, is the grandson of founder member of APTMA, established sixty years ago. He is the third generation heading the premier Textile Industry association.

It is worth mentioning here that the Gohar Ejaz group had won all the 24 seats against the stalwarts. Since then, the group has maintained 24-0 and almost 90 percent of the members fully support the policies and strategies of the group in turning the textile industry into a national treasure again to win back its viability in the world map.

While congratulating the newly elected members Group Leader APTMA Gohar Ejaz said that unopposed win of the Group speaks volumes about the dedicated efforts, hard work and a strong commitment of the Group to serve the textile industry of Pakistan over the last seven years. He said that his newly nominated team would make its utmost efforts to meet the upcoming challenges and avail the opportunities.

He said the new leadership would strive for an enabling environment to restore viability and growth of the textile industry and turn Pakistan into a destination for outsourcing of textile business.

He further added that his team would make efforts to put in new investment in the textile sector in next three years to double the exports and create new jobs while working closely with the government.

He said the energy security for textile industry has been a challenge for the APTMA leadership. However, a string of serious efforts, strong lobbying, tangible initiatives and out of the box solutions for the policy-makers have helped the textile industry to keep it operational despite all odds.