A number of food outlets were sealed in Bahawalpur, Yazman and Khairpur Tamewali over poor sanitation and the sale of unhygienic food items.

In Bahawalpur, a team raided Takbeer Shopping Mall and Bakers wherein flies were in abundance with expired tomato ketchup, pickles, cheese, yogurt, ghee and other products. It collected samples of these products and sealed the shopping mall.

Almaida Fried Chicken was also raided where kitchen of the restaurant was found untidy. The team collected the samples of various products that were used in manufacturing of fast food items which were expired and sent to laboratory for test. The restaurant was sealed.

The team also checked the sweets shops located on Chah Fateh Khan Road while juice shops in Fareed Gate were sealed. Samples of the products were taken and sent to laboratory for testing. It fined the owners of three hotels with up to Rs20,000 each.

In Yazman, an another team conducted raid on Tehzeeb Bakers located at Bahawalpur Road where the kitchen was found untidy and flies were lurking around the food items on which the owner was fined with Rs50,000. At Ambala Sweets Shop, flies and insects were found in the canister in which manufactured sweets were placed.

The owner of Ambala Sweets Shop was fined Rs25,000. Rehman Sweets was fined Rs10,000 while Madina Juice Corner Rs3,000 and Asghar Juice Corner Rs3,000 for insufficient cleanliness arrangements. Collective fines were Rs90,000.

In Khairpur Tamewali, a raiding team sealed four hotels including Al Faisal Hotel, Kargil Hotel, Aslam Hotel and Itefaq Hotel for having rotten meat and food in the freezers but later Assistant Commissioner Sadia Mehar imposed a fine of Rs4,000 on the owners each and opened their hotels.

Citizens Sajjad, Amjad and Hussain appealed to the district administration that the tehsil administration had not taken action against the hotels according to the law. However, the tehsil administration said that it was the first time so they were issued warning with minimal fines.

The team conducted a raid on Nestle Milk Factory and fined the administration with 30,000 rupees for insufficient cleanliness arrangements and issued them a warning while Al Ahmad Hotel was sealed and a case was registered against the owner.