LAHORE - Some fifty people have received interest free loans under Chief Minister Self-Employment Scheme.

Two billion rupees have been allocated for the scheme during current financial year.

Akhuwat and Punjab Small Industries Corporation arranged a ceremony on Saturday for distributing the load cheques.

Minister for Trade, Industry and Investment Ch Muhammad Shafiq was the chief guest. Chairman and founder of Akuwat Dr Amjad Saqib, Punjab Small Industries Director Bilal Ahmad Butt and other officers attended the function.

Shafiq said the interest-free loans are aimed at eliminating unemployment and promoting businesses.

Dr Amjad Saqib said 272 centers have been setup in the province and interest-free loans amounting to Rs13 billion have been provided to 692000 families in 168 cities.

These loans have been distributed at local mosques without any religious, sectarian or political consideration, he added.

GCU’s dean gets additional

powers:The Government College University Syndicate has delegated limited powers to Dean Faculty of Science and Technology Dr Islam Ullah Khan for addressing some of the financial and academic matters of the most urgent nature.

Registrar GCU Dr Akhyar Farrukh called the meeting under section 2(c) of the GCU Syndicate Business Rules 2004.

The Syndicate also approved the ongoing admission process. However, it desired to hold the admissions on sports basis and several other matters till the appointment of regular Vice Chancellor.

The 48th meeting of GCU Syndicate was chaired by University of Veterinary and Health Sciences Lahore VC Dr Talat Naseer Pasha with the mutual consensus of the syndicate members, including representatives of higher education, finance and law departments.

The Syndicate also appreciated the university’s administration for timely convening the meeting.