KARACHI - To control beef prices in the local market, the government will have to plan a long-term strategy especially for the slaughtering of female animals.

Shaukat Mukhtar, senior vice president of FPPCI Standing Committee for Livestock, while talking The Nation said that a comprehensive strategy for female animals slaughtering can play a vital role to strengthen the industry. It is necessary to define the different slots for the animal slaughtering with the proper specification of a animal, he said.

“Average female animal has six recycling or lactation periods during the life. If it has used for slaughtering before the completion of the cycles it is a loss in term of breeding and milk production that ultimately brings price hike for consumers,” Shaukat Mukhtar,

Who is also Secretary Dairy and Farmers Association Karachi, added.

Shaukat Mukhtar said the recent drive of Punjab government to save the female animals is a good omen but it would be more helpful if the authorities design a strategic plan for execution. “Instant ban on female slaughtering in Punjab supported the beef price hike,” he claimed. “Compared to the rising demand of dairy products and meat the local market faces dire shortage of animals for both and not able to understand the reason behind it.”

Secretary Dairy and Farmers Association Karachi informed that there is no other source to cater the demand of local consumers beside the existing market which supplies milk and meat to the retailers.

He further informed that the Foot and Mouth disease is a big threat for the sector which was successfully controlled by the support of USDA and FAO. But the USDA and FAO have announced to stop their project against the Foot and Mouth disease due to lake of funding, he said and added the farmers got good results in first phase of said drive.