KARACHI - The Minister of State and Chairperson of the BISP, Ms. Marvi Memon, addressing the representatives of Karachi’s business community here on Saturday urged them to coordinate their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSRs) in collaboration with the BISP in order to serve the poorest of the poor in an effective manner.    

The members of the business community attending the meeting assured their support for the cause.    

Later, Ms. Marvi Memon said that she was extremely pleased with the response of the business community of Karachi which, she added,represents the business community of Pakistan because most of the companies have their headquarters here and they work for the entire country.    

“Mashallah, the local companies and the multinationals are doing excellent philanthropic work and excellent Corporate Social Responsibility”, she remarked.    

Ms. Marvi stated that today we presented to them the BISP Democratic Directory besides offering a data base as well as a platform through which they would be able to a targeted approach for the CSP and target the poorest of the poor.     

Ms. Marvi pointed out that the Government of Pakistan is spending tremendous amount of money on doing the basics which is the actual social safety net that is our mandate. Now the other mandate which is the graduation mandate the business community including the FPCCI have given the commitment to take this up as one team.    

She said that they would coordinate their corporate social responsibility efforts through the FPCCI data base.

“We look forward to working with in the time ahead”, the BISP Chairperson remarked.    

A documentary was also exhibited on the occasion detailing the activities of the BISP which is benefiting 5.1 families and 36.7 million individuals.    

The present government has enhanced the BISP annual budget from Rs.40 billion to Rs. 102 billion.          The BISP has come up with a directory having acomplete data about 32 districts through survey of poverty with identification of the areas and proposed solutions meant to improve the living standard of the poorest section of the society.    

Speaking at the event, Wasim Vohra, vice-president of the FPCCI,extended his support for the cause.    

He also appreciated the efforts of the BISP under the leadership of its Chairperson Ms. Marvi Memon.    

Other speaker Ms. Bina Shah, journalist and columnist for the New York  Times, suggested that BISP be promoted as an organization which would lead to a social empowerment.    

Ms. Shahnaz Ramzi from the Hum Network, Atif Sarhandi from the UBL, Dilshad Bukhari from the small industries and Tariq Huda,Collector Customs, appreciated the contributions and work of the BISP and extended their cooperation towards the betterment of the poorest of the poor.

Ms. Marvi Memon later visited TCF School and Hunar Foundation met with the heads of the two institutions.On the occasion she expressed the desire in these institutions poor children be imparted quality education and skill training so that they secure honourable livelihood.

The heads of these institutions appreciated the suggestion of the BISP chairperson and assured their full cooperation in this regard.

The Chief Executive of TCF, Syed Asad Ayub Ahmed, and Chairman Mushtaq Chhapra received her. She went to the classrooms of the school and met with the children enrolled there.

Ms. Marvi was also given a detailed briefing about the functioning of the TCF schools. She said that we desired that the poor children should also be imparted education here. She said that BISP was a representative organization of the entire country and desires that poor children should also get opportunity for acquisition of quality education.

Later on, the BISP chief visited an institution being run under the Hunar Foundation where the head of the Foundation,Aslam Khan and principal Muhammad Ali received her. Muhammad Ali informed here that those enrolled are imparted training in five skills that include electrical, air conditioning, mechanical , welding and plumbering. He said that the one©year course also included the computer training for the students. Marvi Memon expressed the desire for training of the children of poor familities from the beneficiaries of BISP. Aslam Khan appreciated this and expressed his complete cooperation

Ms. Marvi said that it is her desire that the work on these two projects be started at once so as to pave the way for poor children to get opportunities for acquisition of honourable livelihood.