Islamabad: The talks between National Security Advisers of Pakistan and India, scheduled to be held today, have been cancelled because of traditional obstinacy of New Delhi, Pakistan foreign office said.

Addressing a news conference in New Delhi yesterday, Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had put forth two conditions for the talks. She said, only the issue of terrorism will be discussed and that Pakistani National Security Adviser will not meet Hurriyet leadership in New Delhi.

However, Pakistan Foreign Office said no talks can be held if any preconditions are imposed by India.

The Foreign Office reminded that terrorism is part of eight-point composite dialogue and the issue cannot be discussed, by keeping it separate from other issues. Prime Ministers of Pakistan and India had agreed in Russian town of Ufa that all outstanding issues, between the two countries will be discussed at talks between two National Security Advisers.

Observers have also pointed out contradictions in the statement of the Indian External Affairs Minister. They said, while she spoke of the need of dialogue to resolve bilateral issues, in the next breath she put forth preconditions for the talks between two National Security Advisers.