LAHORE - The slogan-chanting activists of PTI and PML-N faced each other all day long in front of the election tribunal to get the crown of NA-122.

The two sides kept on raising slogans in favour of their parties’ top leaders, claiming they would solve all the problems facing the country. The daylong festivity also witnessed a minor scuffle between the workers of PTI and PML-N, but the police intervention prevented it from turning into a serious fight.

The police had also placed water cannons outside the Punjab Election Commission building that houses the election tribunal, to avert any serious untoward incident. Following the scuffle between the workers of the two parties, barricades were also placed outside the gates of the provincial election commission.

Both the sides were carrying the flags of their parties and posters of their top leaders. PTI activists were chanting slogans, “Railway Kha Gaye”, Mulk Loot Kar Kha Gaye”, “Imran Khan Zindabad” and Tabdeeli Ka Nishan Imran Khan.” PML-N workers were chanting slogans in favour of Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz.

Activists of both the parties started gathering in front of the provincial election commission office around 9:30am, remained there until the announcement of the order at 7:30pm and dispersed peacefully after that.

Meanwhile, PTI workers gathered at the party’s new central office, Imran Khan Secretariat, at Garden Town which was opened by the party chairman on Saturday to celebrate his victory in NA-122 as a result of the election tribunal’s decision.

PTI workers danced to the tune of the party songs inside the office while dozens of them danced outside the newly inaugurated office on the beat of traditional drummers brought in by the members of Insaf Student Federation (ISF). They also used fireworks to celebrate the event.

Families of the PTI leaders and activists participated in the event as well. Women, children, youth and some aged party supporters also joined the festivity of NA-122’s crown.

Later, hundreds of activists, mostly the youth belonging to ISF and Youth Wing of the party, reached Imran Khan’s residence at Zaman Park. As Imran Khan was addressing his supporters, a group of workers kept on chanting slogans.

Calls for re-election in NA-122: Religio-political parties are demanding re-election in NA-122 - the constituency from where the Speaker National Assembly, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, was elected.

The Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) has demanded fresh elections all over the country following the Saturday’s decision on NA-122, while the Jamaat-e-Islami says the judgment proved major flaws in the election system.

The Punjab Election Commission's tribunal on Saturday ordered re-polling in the constituency, declaring the election null and void.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan had challenged the election result, after defeated by Ayaz Sadiq in 2013.

PAT spokesperson Noorullah Siddiqui said: “The decision negates the report of the Judicial Commission on rigging. Today’s decision vindicates the stand of the PAT that the 2013 elections were massively rigged.”

He regretted the person who did not have the mandate of the people worked as the Speaker of the National Assembly for 26 months. He questioned what was the status of all the laws framed during these 26 months?

“Instead of hiding behind a stay order, the PML-N government should pack up and go home respecting the decision of the tribunal.

“This is the second constituency where a sitting MNA has been de-seated which is ample proof that the whole process election in 2013 was flawed. PML-N has no moral grounds to stay in power now,” he held.

JI leader Liaqat Baloch says the decision regarding election in NA 122 has proved major flaws in the election system.

“Unless and until electoral reforms are carried out and the Election Commission is made truly autonomous, complaints of irregularities will continue both in general election and the local bodies polls,” he said.

Baloch said this was a judicial decision which should be accepted in its true spirit in order to strengthen democracy and the electoral process.