S: Malala has done it again. I guess she aced her O levels. This girl is brilliant I tell you. That tweet from her father about her result, really made me feel happy. Good for her!

A: Look at you having a soft spot for stories like this. She got 6A*s and 4A’s right? Wow. This result is better than any other result I’ve heard of, even from these bratty private schools who for some reason publish their results in the newspapers. I mean, the amount of money that they take from these people? No amount of A’s will ever be good enough for that. But look at Malala. She did it all by herself, despite the odds being against her.

S: I still cannot believe people are talking ill against her. I mean, can’t we ever be happy for somebody else? Have you seen these rants on Facebook about why we are applauding her? It is ridiculous. She got shot in the head, for fighting for girls in her community to study. Yet, she is still strong and continues to fight for education. These criticizers, I would really like to ask them what they had to give up, in order to get even the basic education.

A: I think people just need a reason to complain. Honestly. But I get where they are coming from. I guess they feel that there are thousands of girls, just like Malala, who have probably suffered more, but no one ever talks about them. Why does she get to be special?

S: She gets to be special because a beaded man shot her in the face, and yet she is bright, brave and fearless. I applaud her and her family for supporting her.

A: She’s just a symbol for something bigger we don’t understand. I would not put too much stock into her own desire to educate.

S: That is ridiculous. Every child, at their core, want to be educated and bright. No body wasn’t to be homeless or stupid. We are just to accustomed to the idea that girls should stay home and do whatever their father or husband tells them. Malala is the normal one. It is the people who oppose her who are deviants.