Allah has done justice. All the bad guys have licked the dust. Traitors are bad guys anyways.

From Karachi to Chitral an ocean of patriots is in a high tide. Experts are of the opinion that electricity can be produced through these high tides, and can bridge the power shortfall. 

To maintain these patriotic waves, authorities are also considering putting a container in Islamabad that would provide the required resonance to keep these waves in perpetual high tides.

All the good guys are in constant phase of prostration in all the mosques of Rawalpindi Division. While they are thanking Almighty, the senior citizens are of the opinion that they have never seen patriotic waves as high as the current one.

They are convinced that with this intensity of patriotism, all trivial issues such as poverty, corruption, violence against women, child kidnapping, ransom, lingering polio disease, lackluster GDP growth, deteriorating ozone layer, global warming, lack of sanitation, poor educational standards, fraudulent practices, impure milk and medicine, illiteracy and other such minor issues would disappear on their own.

Some of the ripples of these patriotic tides could be felt as far as Kunar province of Afghanistan; where some estranged patriots after reluctantly killing 70 thousand Pakistanis are also considering harnessing these high tides of patriotism.

Unconfirmed sources on condition of anonymity leaked this news that groups of estranged patriots could be seen assembling turbines and they are committed to wire this electricity to Pakistan – and traitors like Karzai would benefit from it free of cost.

Estranged patriots are selling their guns, swords, daggers and knives to trade China-made efficient turbines.

People have now decided to be virtuous for good. The power of these tides is also being used to wash any previous sins of some of the individuals who in their heart were always patriots, but because of worldly compulsions had to forgo the patriotic intersections.

Across Pakistan, people have observed the shades of soft-spiritual light beams, that is the hallmark of a land blessed with clean souls. The subtle and serene cold breeze of higher moral values has started flowing in every nook and corner of the country.