Terrifying attacks with new brutal strategies are increasing around the world. No doubt that the advancements in technologies, globalization, and modernisation have helped many states prosper over the course of history but they have also opened new tactics of terrorism.

A van purposefully ran through a crowd near Barcelona’s jam-packed street, Las Ramblas few days back. Dozens of people died and number were injured.  It is very horrifying that people are now not even safe from vehicles.

Over the past year, terrorists have increasingly used vehicles as their weapon. These types of incidents have occurred for almost eight times in a year in Europe. They include the Nice attack on July 14, Berlin truck attack on December 20 at a Christmas market, Westminster Bridge attack on March 22, truck attack at Stockholm on April 7, London Bridge attack on June 3, Finsbury Park attack on June 19, Paris attack on August 9, Charlottesville attack on August 12 and now the Barcelona attack in Spain.

Assailants are now turning motor vehicles into lethal weapons with which they can target other vehicles, buildings, tourist and jam-packed areas to spread terror and destruction. The tactics of vehicle ramming were first used during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now this trend is getting handy and popular. This is just like considering human beings as grass and truck terrorists as mowing them!

Those who are relentlessly showing such inhumanity are un-tamable. Those who have fear of nuclear, biological or chemical terror attack now they have to fear about local vehicles too. Because this is a very cheap method as it only needs a driver, a driving license and a killer to mow down and to plow innocent people. Vehicle ramming is becoming the terrorists’ weapon of choice because it is cheap, hard to prevent and devastatingly effective.

The term terrorism is very much deep rooted all over the world and the after effects are devastatingly dangerous. There is a very big and major role of technology in contemporary terrorism and with the help of this terrorist group are making videos and luring young generation towards them. Terrorists are also going for new tricks. They are spreading chaos with their new brutal tactics. After Europe truck and dagger attacks, terrorists are setting new trends of terrorism. Vehicle attacks are hard to prevent because it is very difficult to keep check on motor vehicles as they are of everyday use and are in vast quantity.

These vehicle ramming attacks present a significant challenge for security officials too. It is very difficult to identify prospective attackers. Car renting is becoming another major issue. No one can distinguish the attackers. This way of terrorism is easy to conduct as it does not need any special training or experience. Vehicle ramming is just another synonym for robbery. I am relating to robbery because both are done by force or threat. Europe has become a victim of this and now it is alarming for all other countries too. No doubt security officers and many others related to this field are working on it and they are also securing public places by putting solid barriers on the boundaries of roads but still it is not enough. And police and all other security officers have lot of information in the form of data mining and thus it is difficult for them to extract the accurate information from that data. These are the biggest challenges for security officers all over the world.

But this is not the end because as soon as solution to the problem of vehicle attacks is solved, the terrorists will find another way of spreading terror.