ISLAMABAD    -   Mishal Malik, wife of detained Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik, has accused India of using chemical weapons in occupied Kashmir.

She said 18 days had passed following the imposition of curfew in the held territory. “Food and medicines are not being provided to the people. Even small children are being kidnapped in the occupied valley,” she disclosed.

She said Modi Sarkar had given not an iota of imprtance to the Kashmiris.

She said the responsibility for resolving the Kashmir issue lay on USA shoulders. “The countries included in the UN Security Council have also to play a role in resolution of the dispute,” she stressed.

She warned if the Kashmir issue led to any conflict between Pakistan and India, it would engulf the entire world.

“If the issue is not sorted out, then the conflict between the two neighbours may lead to a nucealr war,” she cautioned.

“An eerie silence prevails everywhere in the occupied valley. Plan of a massacre is in the making. The world should stop India from indulging in a bloodshed in occupied Kashmir,” Mishal demanded.

Wife of Yasin Malik cautioned the world that situation was worst in the Indian held Kashmir due to red alert.

“Occupied valley has been converted into a cantonment,” she concluded.