OKARA - PTI Chairman Imran Khan said Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf tsunami would not let the present rulers come to power again, and urged the youth to gird up their loins for building new Pakistan.

He was addressing a meeting wherein Chaudhry Masood Shafqat Abbas along with his companions joined the party. Rao Abdul Khaliq was also present there.

At present, he said, the country was being run by cruel rulers. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are becoming richer. The PTI has planned to get freedom from the US and to move towards prosperity. Through the general elections, the PTI will come to power with the support of the public.

Imran said Zardari and Nawaz had joined their hands to stop the PTI tsunami but it could not be stopped now. He added that it would give a tough time to his opponents especially the "artificial leadership" in the Punjab. He said that by holding a meeting in Okara, the PTI would prove that the district was a stronghold of his party. He said, "Nawaz Sharif should stop dreaming of being prime minister for the third time. The time for change has come."

Addressing the party workers in Okara, PTI leader Sardar Assef Ahmad Ali said that his party had not yet decided to make electoral alliance or seat adjustment with any political party and there was no such proposal under consideration.

"President Zardari is utilising PML-Q to secure his office and the elections, he would use PML-N. In the upcoming elections, Tehrik-e-Insaf will be powerful as it is voice of the nation," he added. He said that the government should hold elections on time.

He also said that Khawaja Khan Muhammad Hooti's decision to defect his party did not matter. On the occasion, Masood Shafqat, Rao Abdul Khaliq, Haji Abdul Sattar Wahla, Mohammad Anwar Pasha and Qari Hafeezullah were also present.