LAHORE - Man proposes and God disposes, they say.

Shortly after taking over as the Punjab governor in January last year, Sardar Lateef Khan Khosa had started consulting various people to know how to prolong his tenure as the constitutional head of the country’s most populated province.

According to family sources, he discussed the ‘longevity’ issue even with Dr Ishratul Ebad, who is the longest serving Sindh governor. The MQM leader told him that the gubernatorial office has many powers, but they should not be exercised.

Sharing the formula, the Sindh governor also explained him his personal experience in the office. However, the leader from Dera Ghazi Khan did not know that the conduct of the party leadership is also important to get the real benefits of the formula.

He also did not realise that there is a lot of difference in the working and thinking of the PPP and the MQM leaders.

While the MQM has consistently been backing Dr Ebad, the PPP leadership did not waste even a single moment to sacrifice Mr Khosa for political expediency. It is not clear what new role he can be assigned by the president. But, what is regrettable is the fact that the only option available to him is a government job. Mr Khosa cannot take part in politics unless he completes two years out of government job.