KARAK – Inter Cooperation (IC), a non-government organisation, has launched work on the irrigation dam at Lakani area of Chountra with the help of Khwando Kor (KK) and 600-kanal land would be irrigated from the dam.

This was informed by the Senior Project Officer of Khwando Kor (KK), the implementing agency, Hamzullah Khattak in his briefing to the media persons at the dame site here on Saturday. He informed that the dame would be completed with Rs 356426 and 600 kanal of lands would be irrigated from it.

The senior project officer claimed that potable water would also be supplied to the local community at later stages if filtration plant was built for the purpose and added that it would also serve as wildlife preservation dame.

He added that there was a lot of wildlife in the area and it were in badly need of drinking water therefore it would serve the purpose also. He claimed that such like dame had also been built by the IC with the cooperation of KK in Tabbikhwa area with Rs 482,000 and also completed an irrigation scheme in the area from the dame at the cost of Rs 420,000, which was functional now. Khattak claimed that the completed dame has brought a green revolution in the area as 233 kanals of lands were being irrigated from the dame and this time the farmers would get several times high production of wheat due to irrigation.