KARACHI - Punjab Governor Latif Khosa in a farewell meeting with the President Asif Ali Zardari tendered his resignation as governor which was accepted by the president, PPP sources said.

For the lucrative post of governor, President Zardari has already finalised the name of resigning leader of PML-F, Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood, who likely to take oath of office any time on Monday.

Khosa called on the president Zardari at Bilawal House on Saturday and the meeting was also attended by Federal Law Minister Farooq Naek and former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

It is expected that Zardari, who is also co-chairman of PPP, will assign another party assignment to Khosa in Punjab. Speaking to reporters at  Kara-chi airport, Khosa said the party, not the post, was important for him. He said he would accept all decisions of the leadership.

Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmood, who is an MPA from Rahim Yar Khan district of southern Punjab, had resigned from his membership of PML-F, after his name for Punjab governorship was decided. Makhdoom has been a strong advocate for the restoration of Bahawalpur’s status as a province, while his father had served as the Chief Minister of Bahawalpur. The catch here was that Makhdoom will have to withdraw his long-standing stance in exchange for the post.