GUJRANWALA - Federal Secretary for Water and Power Nargis Sethi has expressed her resolve to transform the power sector into a vibrant dispensation through revolutionary changes. She urged the officers and workers of the power distribution companies to improve their working on daily basis to mitigate the public sufferings and win back their confidence.

Nargis Sethi remarked while chairing a meeting of the Gujranwala Electric Power Company's (Gepco) officers here at Gepco headquarters on Saturday.

The federal secretary said that valued consumers were asset to the company and she had already directed to all the distribution companies to minimise loadshedding for the masses instead of giving relief to the elite.

Electricity is as important for the poor as it is for the elite so there should be no discrimination in the schedule for power load management," she insisted and directed that rural and urban feeders should be dealt with on equal basis.

The federal secretary warned the electricity pilferers and officers lagging behind in recovery targets.