LAKKI MARWAT – Elders of Kurrum Par area have called upon Saifullah brothers to use their influence for resolving problems the residents of trans-river localities are faced with since last several decades.

At a public meetings also addressed by PML (Likeminded) chief Salim Saifullah Khan the other day, Rustam Khan, Samiullah and others said that four union councils of trans-river area lacked electricity, road, drinking water and veterinary health facilities. They said that local population was mainly dependent upon livestock but Kaichi Kamar locality had no veterinary dispensary. They said that special funds were required for blacktopping of a small portion of road in the area between Gambila and Kurrum rivers.

“Besides the only boy’s middle school in Kaichi Kamar should be up graded to high level to provide the students with opportunities of getting secondary education near their homes”, they maintained. They said that Saifullah brothers and their political allies/ partners should keep the uplift of Kurrum Par Area on top of their priorities.

Speaking at public meetings, Salim Saifullah said that work on electrification schemes would start in the next couple of days. He said that installation of new transformers and poles and spreading wire on them would improve power supply system in rural areas.

The PML leader announced on the occasion that he would contest next general elections from the only national assembly constituency of the district. He said that people should elect Saifullah brothers and their allies in next general elections to pave way for spreading a net of uplift schemes in the district.

“No one other than Saifullah brothers has the vision to put the district on track to progress and development”, he maintained.