KARACHI : Three ships arrived at Port load/offload at QICT palm oil at LCT, rice at FAP on Friday. Berth occupancy was maintained at 50% at the Port on Saturday where a total of five ships namely M.V KPS-I Alican Bey - Powership, M.V Prince-K, M.V Lantau Arrow, M.T Argent Daisy, M.T Al Salam-II M.V Shang Donghai Chang, M.V Meta, M.V Beautiful Rena are currently occupying berths to load/offload wheat, containers, palm oil, coal diesel oil. Cargo handling operations were arrived out smoothly at the Port where a cargo volume 42,771 tonnes comprising 39,507 tonnes import, 3,264 tonnes export and (391) TUES was handled at the Port during last 24 hours.