LAHORE          -        Fog disrupted schedule of trains across the country on Sunday, creating problems for the commuters. According to the Pakistan Railways sources, arrival and departure of several trains was delayed. On Sunday, 1-Up Khyber Mail was 2:30 hours late, 2-Down Khyber Mail 2:10 hours, 5-Up Greenline Express train 3:45 hours, 6-Down Greenline 4:48 hours, 8-Dn Tezgam train was 30 minutes late, 9-Up Allama Iqbal Express 5:40 hours, 11-UP Hazara Express 7 hours, 12-Down Hazara Express 4 hours, 13-Up Awam Express 3:20 hours, 14-Dn Awam Express was 5:50 hours late and 15-Up Karachi Express 7:20 hours and 16-Down Karachi Express was 8:15 hours late. Alos, 17-Up Millat Express was 6:45 hours late, 23-Up Akbar Express train 5 hours, 27-Up Shalimar Express train 4:15 hours, 28-Down Shalimar Express 5:25 hours, 30-Down Sindh Express 2:25 hours, 33-Up Pak Business Express 8:35 hours, 34- Down Pak Business Express train was 6:15 hours late. Also, 36-Down Sir Syed Express train was 5:34 hours late while 37-Up Fareed Express was 3:45 hours, 38-Down Fareed Express one hour, 39-Up Jaffar Express 2:40 hours, 41-Up Karakoram Express 11:20 hours and 42-Dn Karakoram Express was 8:50 hours late. Moreover, 45-Up Pakistan Express was 9:40 hours late,46-Down Pakistan Express was 1:25 hours, 47-Up Rehman Baba Express 6 hours and 48-Down Rehman Baba Express was 6:20 hours late. Karachi-bound Jinah Express train left here 1:30 hours late, Karakuram Express 2:15 hours, Shah Hussain Express 2 hours, Karachi Express 3:30 hours, Akbar Express for Quetta 1:30 hours and Pak Business Express train left 3:30 hours late from here.