KARACHI            -             Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh on Sunday demanded the federal government to give representation to the provinces in the public sector power companies as per the constitutional requirements

“The Sindh government has reiterated its demand to the federal government to nominate the representatives of the provinces as members to the Board of Directors, Board of Governors or management committees of federal entities in the electricity sector in order to bring them in compliance and in line with the constitutional provisions.”

The Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Sheikh demanded this through its letter written to the Federal Minister for Power Omar Ayub Khan.

Referring it’s previous letter, Sindh minister said that the Article 154(1) of 1973 Constitution, as amended by the construction (18 amendments) Act 2010 that provides that the Council of Common Interest (CCI) shall formulate and regulate policies in relation to the matters in Part 11 of the federal legislative list (FLL) and shall exercise supervision and control over related institutions, the part 11 of FLL includes the subject of Electricity at the Entity No 4.

Imtiaz said the Article 154(1) of Constitution read with entry No 4 of the Part 11 of the FLL conferred the powers and jurisdiction upon the CCI to formulate and regulate policies in relation to the subject of Electricity and exercise and control in electricity sector.

He said under this article the electricity sector can only be exercised through appropriate nomination of the provincial governments on the board of directors, board of governors and management committees in electricity sector.

He said in the light of these mandatory of the construction the provinces shall have the right to nominate their representatives in BoD, BoG and MC.

He hoped that federal minister must follow the Constitution in letter in spirit.