LAHORE - The PTI criticised Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for poor law and order situation, and demanded the provincial government to deal with this serious issue on top priority.

Talking to party office-bearers and workers at a meeting here Saturday, PTI provincial leaders Ejaz Ch, Aslam Ghumman and Dr Yasmin Rashid said there was no corner in Punjab which was safe as dacoits and killers were freely operating under the very noose of the incumbent rulers. Demanding the provincial chief executive to maintain law and order on top priority, they said that Shahbaz Sharif should focus on the issues of Punjab instead of taking care of the federal govt,

which was not his responsibility. They said that dacoits kept on looting the people near Sargodha for hours without any hindrance. Similarly, the dacoits also launched a looting spree in Sialkot district for the last several days. The PTI leaders claimed that the provincial rulers were not following merit for the postings of police officers.