LAHORE - Police investigators on Saturday made public the suicide note recovered from a Johar Town house, where eight members of a  family including women and children were found slain on Tuesday afternoon.

Police sources said that the cancer-patient Nazir confessed to the crime in writing that he himself and alone was responsible for the killing of his seven family members including his two brothers, their wives, and three children. The police had already concluded that the year-old chemical engineer brutally killed his seven relatives before committing suicide at their Johar Town apartment in E-I block. The police also recovered the killing weapon, a hammer, from the crimes scene.

Earlier, the autopsy report also confirmed that Nazir Iqbal had no injuries on his body and apparently he committed suicide by swallowing poisonous pills. The report also confirmed that he had died about one hour and 30 minutes after the death of other family members, suggesting that the killer took poisonous pills after killing all the seven members of his family who were residing together. They were mercilessly killed with a blunt weapon, recovered from the bedroom of Nazir and lying next to his body.

A senior police investigator told The Nation that the multiple-murder mystery has been solved as the police recovered sufficient evidences from the crime scene which helped investigators establish the facts.

Medical experts who performed the autopsy of the eight deceased at the Jinnah Hospital’s mortuary also established “serious head injuries” was the cause of death in the case of seven family members. But no torture mark was found on the body of Nazir and the cause of his death was poisonous substance, probably pills. On the other hand, the investigators are still waiting for the report of forensic laboratory to ascertain the nature of the white powder lying beside each body at the crime scene.

The deceased brothers were identified as Shahid Iqbal, 45, a national-highway contractor, Zahid Iqbal, 48, a professor at a private university in Lahore and Nazir Iqbal, a 28-year-old chemical engineer. Nasim Bibi and Farzana Bibi, the wives of Shahid and Zahid, are said to be sisters. Seventeen-year-old Fahad and his seven-year-old sister Amna and their cousin Misbah are among those murdered in cold blood.