MOSCOW - This hungry squirrel is clearly nuts about presentation. The rodent proved to have great table manners after it neatly placed its food on a ledge before settling down for a morning meal. The squirrel was snapped in Moscow, Russia, where it carefully gathered nuts and seeds, placing them on a small ledge at the base of a nearby tree. Photographer Roman Sonis couldn’t believe his eyes and thought that the furry creature looked as though it was readying for a picnic. But having laid out a meal, the neat squirrel proceeded to use the ledge as a table, which it used to happily tuck into its breakfast. Roman said: ‘It was a very funny moment and made my day.

 ‘All of my friends ask, ‘How did you manage to convince a squirrel to pose like that? It’s really funny.’ I love animals - especially squirrels. They have a beautiful appearance and are very smart.