Hafizabad/Okara/Toba Tek Singh/Sialkot - Crime against the women is on the rise and six girls including two teenage sisters and a minor girl were abducted various incidents occurred in different areas here on Friday.

In Hafizabad, two teenage sisters and another girl were abducted in two incidents occurred in different areas here on Friday.

According to police source, two sisters identified as : 18-year-old Maria and 16-year-old Urooj, daughters of Asghar, resident of Chak Kharl village, were on the way to village fields. As they reached near QB Link Canal Road, Faizullah and Samiullah, sons of Rafaqat Ali; Moona, Rafaqat Ali of village Bukkan Kalan; Shafqat and Riaz of Toba Tek Singh, bundled them in their cars and drove off towards an unknown location.

The police have registered a case but remained clueless about the whereabouts of the accused and the victims.

According another report, Asghar and Sufyan, sons of Muhammad Akbar, stormed into the house of Saqib Javed in Mohallah Hassan Town and abducted his 18-year-old sister along with three tola gold ornaments, Rs400,000 and two cellphones. The city police have registered a case against the accused but failed to recover the abductee.

In Okara, a seven-year-girl was abducted by unidentified person(s). The elder daughter of Riaz Ahmad, son Sardar Muhammad, resident of Mohallah Ghaziabad along with her husband a lives abroad, but their children, seven-year-old Noreen and five-year-old Noor live with their maternal grand-parents in Toba. The other day, Noreen was playing in the street when she was abducted by some unidentified person(s). The B-Division Police have registered a case.

In Toba Tek Singh, three persons including a woman allegedly kidnapped a 13-year-old girl from village Chak 336/JB, Gojra, here on Friday.

According to the FIR registered by the Nawan Lahore Police, the teenager namely Razia Parveen was alone at home as her parents had gone to crops fields. I the meanwhile, one Shahbaz, resident of Khushab and his two accomplices including a woman came in a car. They overpowered the girl and bundled her into the car before driving off towards unknown location. The police have started investigation with on arrest or clue. In SIALKOT, some unidentified accused kidnapped local farmer Muhammad Amjad’s young sister Sumaira at gunpoint from near local fields in village Bhaadeywala-Bambaanwala, Daska tehsil here. The police have registered a case with no arrest, in this regard.



PTI MNA Malik Muhammad Ehsan Ullah Khan Tiwana has said the PTI government is serving the masses with sincerity and will spare no efforts to resolve pubic problems.

 Addressing public gatherings here, he said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will fulfil all promises made with the nation as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) believes in practical and not mere claims. “Under the leadership of Imran Khan, the country has been put in the right direction, and with the grace of Almighty Allah, the dream of new Pakistan will be materialised and the destiny of the nation will also be changed,” he asserted.