PESHAWAR              -            Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Siraj ul Haq has held some powerful people around the prime minister respon­sible for skyrocketing inflation, sug­gesting him to stop patronising them if he is sincere in providing relief to the masses.

Talking to media after addressing a jir­ga here on Saturday, he said it was wide­ly believed some influential persons who were blue eyed of the PTI chairman were behind the fake shortages of wheat and other food items and they earned billions of rupees through it.

There was need to make public the names of those who created flour and sug­ar crisis, he demanded. Also, he suggested, the government along with the power and gas tariff should also freeze the prices of essential food item for at least a year.

A crackdown against electricity and gas theft was must and the govern­ment should bring down the petroleum rates equivalent to the prices in inter­national market. But, he feared, the rul­ers seemed least interested in provid­ing relief to the people.

Therefore, he added, the JI launched a countrywide campaign against the infla­tion and unemployment and a first pub­lic rally in this regard would be organ­ised in Mingora, Swat today (Sunday). He said the masses were desperate and wanted to get rid of the cruel regime of the PTI as soon as possible.

The government handed over the country to the IMF, which was running the affairs like the East India Company, he said. He demanded the government to nullify anti-poor the agreements with the IMF and private power distri­bution companies.

Also, he said the interest free economy was a key to put the country on the path of development. If voted to the power, he vowed, the JI would launch a power­ful and across the board accountability drive and bring back to the country all the money stashed in the foreign banks by the corrupt mafia.

Senator Siraj said the objectives of the FATF were seemed less econom­ic and more political. Some interna­tional powers, he said, were using the task force to accomplish their schemes against the Muslim world. The JI chief welcomed the peace agreement be­tween Taliban and the US, saying the withdrawal of foreign forces from Af­ghanistan was essential to establish peace in the development of the war torn country. He said peace in Pakistan was linked to the peace in Afghanistan.