KABUL (Agencies) - Afghanistan and India are planning to increase security cooperation, Afghan Foreign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta said after meeting his Indian conterpart Pranab Mukherjee. "We have very little in cooperation in security, information exchange and we will increase that," Spanta said. Echoing New Delhi's assertion on terrorism being used by Pakistan as an instrument of foreign policy, Spanta said:"Afghanistan believes that there are some entities in our region that are using terrorism as a tool for foreign policy, we have to give that an end". On Mumbai carnage, Spanta said: "We share your pain, the pain of the Indian people because Afghanistan is the victim of same terrorism with same sources." Indian Foreign Minister who arrived in Kabul also called upon President Karzai , This is the second time the leaders are interacting with each after the Mumbai attacks. Addressing a Press conference in Kabul, Mukherjee said that he and his Afghan counterpart, and other Afghan officials had looked at ways 'to strengthen our intelligence mechanism and to share information and intelligence and to act on it'. Mukherjee said the fight against terrorism was not confined to one country. All countries had an international obligation to 'control terrorist activities emanating from the sanctuaries and camps located within their territory', he said. Spanta called India a 'strategic partner'. Early on Thursday Spanta accompanied Mukherjee and Afghan President Hamid Karzai to western Afghanistan for the handover of a crucial new highway built with Indian funding of 150 million dollars. The 218-kilometre highway links western Afghanistan to the Iranian border and eventually to ocean. The new route is expected to reduce land-locked Afghanistan's dependency on Karachi port in neighbouring Pakistan. The Indian top diplomat stated "We are part of the global war against terrorism." Expressing satisfaction over his visit to Afghanistan and talks with Afghan leaders, Mukherjee emphasised that India would continue to support the reconstruction process of Afghanistan. Making it clear as to it expects from the new US administration, Pranab said the tendency to equate perpetrators and victims of terrorist acts should be avoided. "The committment to fight against terrorism should be total. Sometimes, we find there is tendency to equate the perpetrators of terrorist acts and victims of terrorist acts together and hyphenated. "This tendency must be avoided. Perpetrators of terrorist acts must be penalised," Mukherjee told PTI in southern Afghanistan. The minister said that he hoped that the new US President Barack Obama recognised that the Indo-US relations had reached new heights over the last few years. "The relations should be maintained at that level. The commitment to fight against terrorism should be total," Mukherjee said.