LONDON - British members of the House of Lords, Nazir Ahmed and Baroness Tonge, have travelled to Brussels on Thursday to meet with Members of the European Parliament, President of the EU, Hans-Gert Pttering, and Vice President, Luisa Morgantini, to discuss the situation in Gaza. Lord Ahmed said he would ask the members of the European Parliament to support him when urging the International Criminal Court to carry out a full investigation into the war crimes that have been committed by the Israeli Defence Force, during their three-week assault on Gaza. He will ask the European Parliament to support an UN-led investigation into the apparent illegal use of white phosphorous and uranium against children, which will provide the evidence needed for the ICC to indict the Israeli Prime Minister, and others, for war crimes? As discussed with Parliamentarians from the UK, Lord Ahmed will insist that the EU should suspend Israel's special economic and political status in the light of the reckless and arrogant aggression displayed by the IDF. During the three-week Israeli offensive in Gaza, where over 1200 Palestinian civilians lost their lives, many buildings- schools, hospitals, airports and ambulances- were obliterated by the IDF. These buildings were donated by the EU taxpayer. Lord Ahmed will ask the European Parliament to support an investigation into the cost of rebuilding Gaza, requesting that the EU ask Israel to pay for the damage they caused.