LAHORE - Editor The Nation and President Council of Newspapers editors (CPNE) Arif Nizami has said that though there was freedom of information in the country but government machinery does not share information with journalists who are duty bound to inform people. He expressed these views while addressing a seminar "Media Reporting on Sensitive Issues" held under the aegis of Press Institute of Pakistan here on Thursday. Ashar Rehman, resident editor Dawn and other senior journalists, Salman Ghani, Nasrullah Malik, Shaheen Farooq, Qamar Jabbar and Muhammad Shakil Malik also spoke on the occasion. Absar Abdul Ali, Director Press Institute of Pakistan performed as stage secretary and also threw light on the topic. Arif Nizami said it was very hard to draw a line while defining the sensitive issues. He said though there was code of conduct for the journalists but some times our mediamen do not follow the same in the race of information thus violate the code. Nizami said that government officers in the name of national interest conceal information but it soon surfaces in another way, which does not create good impression for the government. He quoted the example of the issue of nationality of Ajmal Qasab - a controversial character of Mumbai attacks and said that our government itself was not clear about it. Mehmood Ali Durrani spoke and was sacked at once by the government. While criticising the Indian media, Nizami said that Indian journalists mostly become party in an issue and they even ignore the objectivity sometime, which is also harmful and beneficial at the same time. Over 90 per cent bureaucrats are ready to snatch the freedom of press but we will have to safe guard it, he lamented. He said "We have very limited role to play and we must remain within these limits, we will have to define the sensitive issues ourselves neither government nor bureaucracy will do this". Ashar Rehman in his address said, "We should have our own opinion over the issues of national interest and should not take dictation from any one and even we should argue with the government". He said that projection of Farah Dogar was unjust as another Justice had also managed a favour for his son but media was silent there. Salman Ghani Chief reporter daily Nawa-i-Waqt in his address pointed out the sensitive issues and said that before talking about the issue one must know what sensitive issues are. He said that Pakistan's sensitive issues are her relations with other countries, our security forces and intelligence institutions, private life of a person protected by law, judiciary, defamatory issues, Defence, heads of State and state. Nasrullah Malik said that we would have to establish the definition of sensitive issues.