LAHORE - Former Governor Punjab and founder member PPP, Ghulam Mustafa Khar has termed President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani 'incapable' of holding their respective office. In his critical speech to the General House of the Lahore High Court Bar Association here Thursday Mustafa Khar disclosed that the existing situation in the country was pre-determined. Alluding to the era of General Musharraf he said, those at the helm of affairs had then decided through negotiations to take Zardari out of jail and appoint him to the top office of the country. At that time no one could think of Zardari becoming the president and Gilani the prime minister but that all had been decided. Referring to his meeting with a general at the relevant time, he said, then he was asked by the General to support Zardari who then had appreciated him as the principal political leader in Punjab but he refused. He posed a query whether the 'level' of Zardari and Gilani entitles them the office they are holding now. Particularly referring to Prime Minister Gilani, Khar said, despite the fact he had constitutional authorities but he was not doing justice to his office. He said a person can stay in rule either through public support, or army backing or if the party is so strong to absorb all shocks. The present PPP government, he said, has lost all three, therefore, its stay in power appears hard. He said the PPP leadership had a golden chance to rule shunning the way of Musharraf but it missed that opportunity which is now even costing the party heavily. 'Look where the PPP stands today,' he posed counting it at the lowest in public support. He said PPP can still regain its position if Zardari announced to restore Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and strike down article 58(2)b but for that he needed courage. He said end to the PML-N government would generate confrontation between the provinces and the nation would have to pay the price for that. He described Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as his political guru and mentor. He criticised the role of Punjab Governor against the Punjab government and said, this sort of things happen when 'small people come by high offices.' Recalling his London meetings with PPP Chairperson, Benazir Bhutto, former Governor and former Power and Energy Minister in her cabinet said, he had strongly refrained Benazir from negotiating her return to the country with Pervez Musharraf, but she was beset by such people, who, he added, were receiving high pays, prodded her to talk her return with Musharraf. He said he thinks she was called back to the country not to be made the prime minister but to Zardari which was not possible as long as she was there for the reason what Zardari could do she could not. Even in the CEC meetings of the PPP there were a number of people seen ill at ease to inform about the decision to others, he said in the context of the presence of agencies people in the party ranks. He said the situation is very difficult at present wherein massive corruption at all level was prevalent. Recalling the private power projects during the PPP government, he said, as minister he tried to make the government realised about the high prices of electricity from the IPPs but his letter was ignored for billions of rupees commissions was involved. Despite all that he said, there was no point of being disappointed as the current was a passing phase like a bad weather patch during a flight which cannot hold the passengers back from the destination. What needed is our perseverance and steadfastness. He said out of the political experience that the lawyers' movement is bound to success.