LAHORE - Santho Pakistan, a local manufacturer, has introduced a new magnetic power-based technology - a self-charging power generator -first time in the country, which is likely to be available in the market for sale by the coming summer. The demonstration of the new self-charging power generator was held at Lahore press club on Thursday. Syed Tasnim Haider Kazmi, Director Santho Pakistan Pvt Ltd, briefed the media about the new product. He said the new product would need no external charging system like solar energy or support of any fuel like gas or petrol. He said the company's focus is on the satisfaction of basic needs, providing the public the highest level of service quality and ready assistance from its trained and qualified staff. He said that Santho Pakistan has played a leading role in fisheries products and now is working in power sector. This self-charging power generator did not need any fuel or external help because of its own charging system and can be run for long time as standby. The director said: "Being a Pakistani it's a pleasure for us to launch the self-charging power generator in Pakistan. The generator can be designed having capacity from 3 kilo watt to 30 kilo Watt and so on and can fulfil the needs of several applications like offices, shops, industry, home, agriculture and irrigation. Tasnim Kazmi said the government especially President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif all are already taking interest to solve the energy crises of Pakistan. So we hope that they will not only like our technology and the idea but also appreciate our effort, which may be helpful to solve the energy crises, he concluded.