Former Chief Operating Officer, Shafqat Naghmi has replied to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)'s letter relating to Mohammdad Asif Dubai case. Sources told a private TV that PCB last week had written a letter to Shafqat Naghmi enquiring about Mohammad Asif Dubai case's findings of the enquiry. Shafqat Naghmi told the Board he, heading a two-member committee, had conducted enquiry and he had received a written report from Dubai also during the process. Mohammad Asif had also recorded his statement before the enquiry committee, which was in contradiction with the Dubai report. The committee members had authorized him to make out the report. Despite PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt's efforts, the meeting in this regard could not materialize and, meanwhile, he was transferred from the Board. Sources told that Shafqat Naghmi has offered his assistance to the new enquiry committee, if required.