LAHORE - Bearish trend at the Karachi Stock Exchange continued for the fourth consecutive day of business week on Thursday as it shed further 2.2538 per cent following the selling of shares from foreign as well as local investors; sending the bourse to a new four year low. The Karachi Stock Exchange's benchmark KSE-100 index shed 115.77 points to close at 5,020.71 points. Volume remained at 92.330 shares as compared to 90.769 million shares on Wednesday showing slightly upward trend but far less than the average over 250 million traded daily last year. The market open today with a negative note and this trend prevailed throughout the day while once the bourse sank to a point when it broke the psychological barrier of 5,000 points but afterward recovered and at the closing moments finished above 5,000 points. This negative trend of market, according to brokers, is because shares selling pressure remained continue from foreign investors as well as local investors combined with government owned organisations due to which market further diluting and landing in the negative zone. While market support fund has miserably failed to maintain the market, they added. It is pertinent to note that few days ago in these columns it has been predicted that market would likely to break the psychological barrier of 5,000 points within few days and much-needed market supporting fund wound not work as being expected. The logic is, according to an analyst Hafiz Mohammad Ibrahim, stocks market is not a commodity market where pouring money could show its magic. The bourse, he further said, should be left on its own so that various factors involving its fall and rise could settle the market value rationally. He further said mutual funds waiting for the right time to hit the market and that buying mania likely to start its function when bourse would touch 4,000 to 4,500 points. KSE does not fall or rise according to the indicators established in the world rather sometime market behave on the ambitions of some personalities while sometimes few consortium-like organisations set its trend, he added. Heavy losses in four consecutive days had sent the market equal to the level four years ago and down below the level seen at end-2008, when the market lost 58 percent of its value over the year. While LSE shed 53.87 points as LSE-25 closed at 1369.36 points wherein 7.977m shares were traded while 42 remained equal, 51 shed values and 9 scrips moved up. At KSE, 59 scrips recorded gain, 169 landed in the negative column and 9 scrips remained unchanged out of a total of 237 cos. Meanwhile, the KSE-30 index also landed into negative column and shed 117.38 points wrapped up at 4,665.59 points while KMI-30 index gained 77.29 points closed at 6507.01 points. On Thursday at KSE, volumewise leader remained Oil and Gas Dev Co shares like the Tuesday and Wednesday. At KSE, Oil and Gas Dev Co being a wolumewise leader lost its value of Rs 1.63 closed at Re 42.66 with volume of 12,629,100 shares followed by Fauji Fert Bin Qasim which gained its value of Re 0.26 closed at Rs 14.74 closed at 11,681,500 shares while NBP which also lost its value of Rs 2.59 closed at Rs 49.35 with volume of 4,456,400 shares. Whereas, PSO scrip landed in an advance column and gained Rs 4.47 closed at Rs 100.65 with volume of 3,527,50 shares traded. WorldCall Telecom, TRG Pakistan and PTCLA lost their values of Re 0.16, Re 0.14 and Re 0.21 closed at Rs 3.16, Rs 2.07 and Rs 12.75 3,466,500, 3,305,000 and 3,304,600 shares respectively. Hub Power, Pak Petroleum Ltd and Fauji Fertilizer Ltd also gained their values of Re 0.12, Rs 1.49 and Re 0.65 closed at Rs 14.89, Rs 139.96 and Rs 73.92 with volumes of 3,276,000, 2,977,900 and 2,036,500 shares respectively.