PESHAWAR - Police continued their search operation against suspected persons and illegal Afghan refugees in Nasir Bagh area in the outskirt of Peshawar and arrested 1,868 Afghan nationals along with 550 other suspected criminals.  According to SSP Operation Dr Mian Mohammad Saeed, the police also recovered some 1,472 riffles and 34,888 rounds during the search operation continued for the last one week. He said that around 19,000 houses and 4450 hotels were checked out. "A total of 953 persons have been arrested due to non-registration of their houses under TIF laws," he added.

Police also arrested a total of 1,868 illegal afghan nationals having no cards of UNHCR. The FIR has been registered against the arrested persons under 14 foreign act and those who have no legal documents would be deported to Afghanistan.