NEW DELHI- High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit said today that there is no ban on Jamaat-ud-Dawat (JuD), but its accounts have been frozen and movement of its members restricted, as per the United Nations resolution.

"We are proceeding strictly in accordance with UN resolution and Jamat's bank accounts have been frozen, there is a ban on travel abroad of its leadership. We are moving in accordance with whatever is required under the UN resolution. I do not see much else needs to be done,'' Mr. Basit was quoted as saying at ``India Today'' round table by PTI.

He also stated that the facilities of JuD have been taken over by the government of Pakistan. Answering a question about JuD chief Hafiz Saeed's arrest, Mr. Basit pointed out that the UN resolution does not state that such individuals be locked up.

“I will remind the audience that the resolution (UN) does not state that member states lock up such individuals,” Mr. Basit said.

Stating that there are no two views on implementation of the UN resolution, Mr. Basit said. “Pakistan is now moving ahead without any distinction when it comes to terrorism. We are moving against firmly on all organisations that come under the purview."