Islamabad - Lal Masjid chief cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz has assured Islamabad police of his cooperation in the matters related to law and order in the federal capital.

The modesty on part of the chief cleric comes at a time when pressure is mounting on the law-enforcers to arrest him in a case recently registered at a local police station. The sources in the police said that Aziz, in a letter to IG Islamabad police, has assured him of his cooperation as he distanced himself from all kinds of violent activities. He has assured that police would be taken into confidence prior to changing residence and routine movement within the city, the sources added. Maulana Aziz held that he has no association with any terrorist organisation or extremist group and is a peace-loving citizen of the country.

The sources said that police are reluctant to arrest Maulana Aziz due to multiple reasons. “The decision would be taken at a high level. The government did not want that around 12,000 seminary students come on roads at this juncture of time to protest his arrest as Maulana has a considerable following in Islamabad religious seminaries”, said a government official. He was of the view that Maulana’s arrest could spark protests at least in the federal capital, a scenario that government did not want at this point in time. Aziz is currently residing at his residence in Sector G-7 and has restricted his movement. On last Friday, he delivered sermon at Lal Masjid on phone.

 and did not go to the mosque as was a routine for him in the past.