LAHORE: As many as 8,597 Pakistanis are detained in prisons of various countries on a variety of charges, says a report of the Foreign Office submitted to the Lahore High Court on Thursday.

Involvement in narcotics, murders, rape, dacoities, thefts and violation of the law are the major accusations on the basis of which they have been imprisoned.

Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Khan had called for this report from the Foreign Office. According to the report, Pakistan’s embassies are providing all possible legal assistance to such accused. About 1,800 Pakistanis are languishing in the UAE prisons, 1,509 in Saudi Arabia, 791 in Greece, 644 in Oman and 576 in Britain.

The Foreign Office report says that 386 Pakistanis are detained in Indian prisons, 203 in Iran, 116 in China and 139 in Afghanistan.–Staff Reporter

There are 57 Pakistanis detained in American prisons.