KARACHI - Pakistan’s enterprises are being witnessed with emerging interest and passion to learn and develop their skills to adopt advanced model and best practices of human capital at businesses to enhance the performance and professionalism for maximum productivity and handsome bottomline.

This was stated by Romans Holomjovs, a Human Resource specialist in training and development. Corporations of variant sized are increasingly investing on their human capital as they have realised to believe that it is best available asset to them capable to deliver the targeted results even in the challenging time provided they are equipped with needful training and skills. Nowadays, top brass leadership of many companies consider that human capital is one of the key assets not expense which is evident from organisation of capacity building projects for their employees.

The modern technology particularly software tools made it easier for policymakers to evaluate the performance of staff member including their productivity, which is an encouraging trend in advanced HR becoming on the rise in Pakistan. Capacity building of the staffers could not be taken with the trainings sessions and new assignment but it could be done through various evaluation and appraisement systematically, said Romans Holomjovs who is Managing Director and Consultant (Progressica Ltd. We provide a number of assessments, which the companies can use for hiring or development of employees including Professional Learning Indicator (PLI), Predictive Index (PI) and Leadership Performance Index (LPI). PLI is measuring the learning ability of the person at their work.

 It is very important in selection helping the companies to predict future performance. On the other hand, PI is helping to predict the working behavior of the person. It has been extremely useful in evaluating match between the person and the job helping to ensure the best person is selected for the right position.

Leadership Performance Index (LPI) is measuring key leadership behaviours essential for specific leadership position. The results can be used for assessing and developing the leaders in the current company.

Typically, the employee related costs are ones of the highest costs in running the business. So using the right measurements and more scientific approach in making people decisions helps the companies to avoid very expensive errors. Furthermore, people decisions and performance of employees depend on quality of the management so leadership training for management of the companies is often the key to improvement of the results and overall performance.

HR is now rightly considered as a strategic role at corporations. The role of HR manager and professional is very crucial in development of the company as they contribute significant value in talent management, succession planning as well as future development, retention and engagement of all employees all of that is linked to future performance, success and profitability of the company.

I have been doing business in Pakistan for over 6 years working with companies in FMCG, IT, industrial, logistics and financial sectors, he concluded.