The announcement of US officials to increase the presence and activities of Pro-Israeli NATO in SyRaq and AfPak regions has been met with furious reactions from Ankara and Damascus. The Chief of US-led coalition, Thomas Veale, stated that additional NATO troops along with 30, 000 strong border security force will be stationed in Northern Syria in order to deal with IS/Daesh terrorists. Turkey and Syria have rejected the US move to arm Kurdish YPG (main faction of Syrian Democratic Forces). President Erdogan furiously denounced the situational development of US training 30,000 border security troops, though Rex Tillerson (US Secretary of State) has denied any US plan to implement such program. YPG is a major source of contention between USA and its NATO ally, Turkey - accusing it of being a branch of outlawed Kurdistan Worker’s party (PKK) that has waged insurgency in the South Eastern region of Turkey since 1984. 

Turkey has repeatedly threatened over the last few days to launch a ground operation to oust the YPG from Afrin and Manbij. On Saturday, Turkish Army launched new strikes against YPG (People Protection Unit) in response to incoming fire from Afrin, a region controlled by Kurdish militia. Turkey’s National Security Council dubbed it as ‘’terrorist army.’’ Turkish troops were stationed in Syria since last three months after entering Idlib province as per an agreement with Iran and Russian in order to launch efforts to reduce infighting in Syria between the ‘Pro’ and ‘Anti’ regime forces, where observation posts were established near the line of division between the Kurd militias and Arab rebels at Afrin. On Saturday, Erdogan announced new air and ground campaign ‘Olive Branch,’ which was launched at 19:00 hours GMT. Turkish PM Benali Yildrim stated that Turkish ground forces would join on Sunday. Reaching breaking point of US-Turkish relations, Erdogan threatened to strangle the planned US-backed force in Syria ‘’before it’s even born’’ as initial plan of ‘de-facto’ presence was layed out when Turkey’s Army Chief Hulusi Akbar and spy chief were in Moscow on Thursday for talks with the Russian counterparts in Syria. Russia has moved away its troops away from Afrin, saying it is backing off from any interference ; which analysts (as per Akhnetov, Ankara-based researcher at RIAC) consider to be green light from Moscow as Turkish troops entered Syria at 0805 hours GMT on Sunday.

Turkey wants the YPG to retreat to the east of Euphrates river, as Turkish PM Yildrim stated that the Turkish armed forces are aiming at create a security zone 30 KM’s deep inside the territory of Syrian Arab Republic. Syria rejects the Turkish claim of notifying about the offensive terming the Turkish aggression as ‘brutal attack.’ The Turkish Foreign Ministry quickly invited the ambassadors hailing from major world powers to brief on the operation ‘Olive branch.’ In this matter, the United States officials did not issue a comment.

The Turkish action is being considered as a risky business in terms of being precursor to setting up of a diplomatic minefield, as it can send shock waves to dwindle the regional and international balance. The question arises: What does Turkey want as the tensions rise in Northern Syria ? Turkish Defense Minister Nurettin Canickli, according to Anadolu (Turkish state news agency), said that the operation is being conducted to prevent the formation of terror corridor. Ankara said that US assurances about the new ‘border security force’ aimed at fighting Daesh and to maintain stability in areas captured from Jihadists - are unsatisfactory.

The Turkish reaction to US maneuvers are a response to Fifth Generation Information Warfare. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the American troops would stay in Syria for the foreseeable future and that US will not fund reconstruction of any part of Syrian territory, where President Bashar Al-Assad is in power. Russian FM Lavrov reiterated that ‘’strategic ability’’ is the need of hour which involves cooperation with Moscow and Beijing in response to Mattis’ model of ‘confrontational strategy’ which is in context of the latest US National defense strategic policy when Mattis claimed that Russia and China seek to ‘’create a world consistent with their authouritarian models.’’ This is part of information warfare in diplomatic affairs at hands of Pro-Israeli NATO’s militaristic status quo is waged to preserve its militarism in order to facilitate Israeli advancement from regional to GLOBAL military dictatorship. Pakistan and her allies can respond by exposing the Modi’s Hindutva India and Netanyahu’s Zionist Israel. Kurdistan is part of the strategy to win and inflict a definitive blow to oppressors who are hell bent to humiliate leadership and public of Muslim countries, Latin America along with Russia, China and their allies. The strategic policy is explained further in this article. The Syrian, Turkish and Russian officials lashed out at US for undermining territorial integrity of Syria through efforts to form ‘alternative body of authourity.’

Turkish officials signaled that the Syrian Kurdish enclave in Afrin is to thwart security issue posed by Kurdish militias, which has status of ‘de-facto’ campaign.

Political analysts noted that Turkey believes potentially Washington and Moscow ‘could be tempted to grant Turkey a role to avoid military confrontation that could spiral out of control.’’ In this case, Turkey would have a free hand in Northern Syria, while Kurdish aspirations will be ’placed on hold.’

This is where ‘Kurdistan’ connection can be established as part of strategy to serve National interest of Pakistan and protect EurAsian unity. The fifth generation Information warfare has harmed EurAsia and other regions. Recently, I wrote two articles, describing and explaining the two stages of Iraq Plan. Kurdistan is crucial to success of Iraq Plan as the Pakistani civil government and Pakistani Army can cooperate, collaborate and coordinate in best possible manner in diplomatic affairs at regional and global level. Explaining in terms of latest situational development, the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Modi’s Hindutva India and the bluff of Indian Army Chief are part of their AfPak strategy, linking it with SyRaq strategy through Kurdistan and Balochistan connection. These two places can become lines of deconfliction instead of conflict zones – in Greater Middle East. In SyRaq, the Pro-Israeli NATO seeks its hegemony against Muslim countries in the Middle East. In the Greater Middle East plan, as envisioned through Pro-Israeli NATO regarding Israel’s plan to expand her borders, the aim is to demolish, destruct and destroy any Muslim power which has capability and capacity to respond to Israeli advancement from regional to Global military dictatorship. India is rapidly abandoning Secularism and Democracy to embrace Hindutva. Israel as a ruling state will be identified with Judaism, not secular democracy. Pakistani civil and military leadership has to invest in the best business plan and strategy.

The Pro-Israeli advancement from regional to GLOBAL MILITARY DICTATORSHIP is to consolidate its status as ‘ruling state of the world.’ The Pro-Israeli NATO lusts for war. The US plan is to increase its presence in Afghanistan (AfPak) and Syria (SyRaq) preserving the militaristic status quo of Pro-Israeli NATO’s militarism (as part of its oppression against Kurds by making false promises and deception) . A few days ago, Israel hit the Russian military installations in Syria while framing Turkey for the attack. Russian President Putin responded by stating that the real perpetrators (Israel-NATO) have been identified and exclusively remarked that Turkey is not behind the attack. Categorically, this suggests two platforms or stages of Iraq Plan, which has now been integrated to form a single end-game strategy: PRO-ISRAELI NATO’S PLAN TO ANNEX NORTHERN SYRIA. The events in the previous and current week indicate signals about the transformation of two stages of Iraq Plan into single end-game scenario. The shift is evident through two cases (1) The visit of Israeli PM Netanyahu to India and the unprecedented aggressive posture of Indian Army Chief against Pakistan and, (2) US decision to send troops in Afghanistan and Syria for its interests.

The single, isolated events since Sheikh Nimr’s execution and Yemen War (and other interconnected events) were mere string of events falling in line with the major event of Trump’s visit to Riyadh, Jerusalem, Brussels and Vatican in May 2017. In December 2017, Trump announced to shift US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Kurdistan is strategically placed in the game of cards which can become either an enemy or ally of Greater Israel. ‘Iraqi’ Kurdistan held Independence referendum in September 2017 to update its status from regional to National Government through majority vote i.e., become an independent and sovereign state. Similarly, elections in ‘Syrian’ Kurdistan were held in fall 2017 to form regional Government. The ‘YES’ vote to form Kurdistan National Government in Northern Iraq received an overwhelming 93% vote. However, the strong opposition and strict action from Iraq, Iran and Turkey dampened the spirits of Kurdistan question as Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government, Neshirvan Barzani, allied with regional players during post-referendum, who were against US-Western-Israeli nexus plan to ‘liberate’ (read: divide and rule policy) North Iraq to form Kurdistan National Government.

The death of Mam Jalal Talabani at a time when Kurdish ranks were disarrayed after passing of one week since when Independence Referendum was held, resulting in an uncertain situation which witnessed the loss of a Great Statesman i.e., Talabani was the only Kurd who ruled over Iraq and was successful in overcoming challenges during the periods of crisis in the aftermath of 2003 US Invasion of Iraq. As Khalil Jibran and Iqbal symbolise in philosophical terms of reality that only Death brings true state of change in destiny of Nations. As Turkey intervenes in Northern Syria, Kurdistan PM Barzani and Iraqi PM Haider Al-Abadi have met for the first time since the Kurdistan Independence Referendum Vote. The US response to Kurdistan Independence was indifferent and Kurds (and Turks) felt immensely betrayed as they were treacherously abandoned by their western allies. PM Nechirvan Barzani will also visit Iran after meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister to reduce hostile restriction and increase cooperation with regional players. This calls for mew dialogue and socio-political contract. Pro-Kurdistan voters will reject Pro-Israeli NATO.

At this time, the strategy regarding Kurdistan is critical in the success of Iraq Plan. The stage 1 of Iraq Plan was to recover areas lost to non-state actors in Iraq (achieved through Sunni-Shia unity and to avert any religious civil war in house of Islam). The stage 2 was to strengthen writ through any possible means (Russian intervention and Chinese presence to avoid instability). According to Iraqi ambassador to Pakistan, it was to the credit of Pakistani assistance which led to complete Iraqi victory over ISIS/Daesh in Iraq. Ex-Defense Minister and current Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif testified to the declaration of Iraq victory through Pakistani help. This indicates the unprecedented Pakistani global role in alliance and partnership with Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, KSA and other Muslim countries in affairs of the Greater Middle East (AfPak and SyRaq). Pakistani Civil Government and Pakistani Army are pioneers and stakeholders in the Iraq Plan and have used it as a policy of strategic weapon. Pakistani Army serves the National interest of Pakistan. The military institution of Pakistan has responded against Pro-Israeli NATO’s militarism in SyRaq and AfPak by challenging the oppressor’s militaristic status quo. Pakistani Army stands behind Pakistan’s institutions and people, lending its support. The best strategy is to utilise manpower.

Indian establishment is also showing its ‘reins of power.’ For e,g., the selection and election of Modi as Prime Minister was sponsored through Indian establishment which comprises of ‘Indian Army, Corporatocracy and Media’ along with ruling party BJP and its allies. They brought Modi into power, which led to loss of democratic credentials as World’s largest democracy is transforming into a Hindutva state - as an oppressor to co-facilitate the Israeli advancement from regional to GLOBAL MILITARY DICTATORSHIP. Pakistani Army has realised it and can direct the Pakistani establishment to act accordingly in National interest with no loose ends. Similarly, the politicians should be sincere to the democratic process not personal interest. One fine day, the people of Pakistan will stand behind its Civil and Military leadership as a dignified nation.

The Pro-Israeli NATO militarism has single agenda: to usher in an era of Pax Judaica, that is, Israel replaces Pax Americana as the ruling state of the world by establishing elements which support or assist its militaristic status quo in SyRaq and AfPak. In SyRaq, Pro-Israeli NATO’s militarism has pushed Turks and Kurds to opposing ranks to push forward the ‘favourable’ momentum of Pro-Israeli NATO’s annexation of Northern Syria after they failed to preserve their militaristic status quo in Northern Iraq. Now, the calculated short-term strategies in Iraq Plan are transfusing to form a successful long-term strategy: TO PROVIDE KURDS THE OPPORTUNITY TO RISE AGAINST THE OPPRESSOR I.E. PRO-ISRAELI NATO. Implement the ‘manifold’ program throughout different forums and regions. People from different countries and regions should put their differences aside and serve each other. Learn to co-exist for betterment of humanity. Pakistanis and Indians should know that Pro-Israeli NATO wants Instability and friction: Reject Israeli advancement to become Greater Israel in its endeavour order to establish itself as the ruling state in the world.

Kurds can reject western intervention if they are dealt with love, friendship and brotherhood; honoured for their ‘existential value’ inherently present as a conscience and idea of a Nation. Give them opportunity for REPRESENTATION at OIC and other forums as they are Muslims, reside in Middle East and constitute as largest people with no state. Invite their leaders and do not provide opportunity for enemies (Pro-Israeli NATO) to capture Kurdish lands, hearts and minds. The countries in Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Asia Minor, Far East Asia, South East Asia, Latin America, EurAsia and South Asia should form a strategic plan to help Kurds wage moral struggle against the against oppressor: for ‘moral law’ is the Highest Law. Turkish presence in Afrin and Manbij should be about something more than national interest. It is about humanity. Syria and other regional countries oppose the American move to exploit Kurds. This is strategy to WIN. The same strategy should be applied in Balochistan on National level. Shifting Pakistani capital to Balochistan as an idea to address problems of Pakistan is one proposal.

Kurdistan and Balochistan should become ‘centres of work’ in order to destroy any chances of intrusion of Pro-Israeli NATO’s militarism, which seeks to enhance its militaristic status quo in SyRaq and AfPak. To win these wars, the people of these regions have to be provided tools of engagement to work, work and work for their own development. We are moving towards that direction with goal of preserving National Interest (What is it?) and serving humanity. ‘Pax Asiana’ should be our prime focus to strengthen Pakistan. For e.g., utilise Indonesian President’s upcoming visit (January 26) to project our footing. Being largest Muslim populated country, Indonesia shares borders with Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam aside from being located in South East Asia, where countries represent the ASEAN forum. The regional forum has close cooperation with Far East Asia and Australasia. Pakistan can use its relations with EurAsia, Central Asia and Middle East to consolidate the ‘shared interests’ across Asia. The Muslim factor in Asia can be our strength.

KURDISTAN should be celebrated and the world will benefit as Kurds rise against militarism of Israeli Global Military Dictatorship, challenging its militaristic status quo through their resilient and brilliant ideas. India and Israel cannot escape what’s coming! WHAT’S OUR STRATEGY TO WIN? For one, Democracy isn’t perfect but the cure for ills of democracy is more democracy!

Politicians should be accountable for people to have trust on system and democracy. The work requires competent and experienced people. It is the responsibility of civil society to force lawmakers to lead from the front and involve all stakeholders. Politicians should refrain from politics based on divide and rule policy. Focus should be on performance and development. Manpower is greatest strength and opportunity in Kurdistan and Pakistan. Set an example!

Development comes from Work. Growth comes from work. Stability comes from work. Work!