LAHORE - Punjab Food Authority sent a truckload of flour bags to PML-N leader Azma Zahid Bukhari’s house on Wednesday, seemingly to contradict her claims of unavailability of the essential commodity.

In a talk show, the PML-N Punjab Spokesperson had complained about not getting flour on the government rates despite hectic search.

PFA men offloaded forty sacks of flour outside her house at Model Town on the directions of Chairman Umar Tanveer, who insisted that it was aimed at showing the reality and not an attempt to insult or mock the female legislator.

The truck remained parked there for quite some time and later driven away on the insistence of Azma Bikhari who accused the rulers of mocking her. “They (PFA men) made footage of flour bags being piled outside my house. They were adamant to keep the truck parked there. I forced them to leave,” she said while talking to a private TV channel.

According to PFA, Bukhari did take one bag of flour from the truck and paid Rs790. Tanveer said that Bukhari had repeatedly said that she could not find flour at any store. “We sent her 15 bags as a goodwill gesture,” he said while insisting the act was not meant to insult her. “We even sent a truck so that all of the citizens in the locality have access to the flour,” he said.