ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari would be stepping down as President of Pakistan on completion of his mandated five-year term on September 9, with which all the perks and privileges including constitutional immunity against criminal proceedings he used to enjoy as President of Pakistan would also go, and all the pending corruption cases against him would stand restored and revived.

Legal and constitutional experts said that with the relinquishing of charge as President of Pakistan, Zardari would seize to enjoy the privileges of President and the cases, which were dormant against him due to the presidential immunity would automatically be restored to the position when Asif Ali Zardari was not head of state.

Sources in National Accountability Bureau also came up with the same stance on some eight corruption references pending against President Zardari would revive. However, for opening up of these cases for regular trial NAB have to write a formal request to the courts, but as Chairman NAB’s slot is vacant right now such a request could not be made as only Chairman NAB could extend such a request to the courts.

It is interesting to note here that President Zardari is the only surviving Bhutto family members to face these cases as the other accused in these corruption cases - Benazir Bhutto and her mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto - are no more and the pending corruption references to their level were closed down.

Right now the cases, which would be restored after stepping down of Asif Ali Zardari on Sept. 9 included the alleged kickbacks from SGS PSI Company, grant of license to ARY Gold causing huge loss to government, illegal gratification and undue pecuniary advantage in the form of commission in purchase of URSUS tractors under the Awami Tractor Scheme[in Switzerland a bank account named DARGAL Association (off shore company) was used to receive the kickbacks], illegal award of contract to Cotecna for pre-shipment, assets beyond means, received kickbacks from Sajjad Ahmad (late) ex-chairman Pakistan Steel Mills, illegal construction of Polo ground at PM House and the money laundering SGS Swiss case.

In some of the above mentioned cases President Asif Ali Zardari remained the only accused as the National Accountability Courts after trial had acquitted the rest of the accused while the cases against some of the accused including Ms Benazir Bhutto, Ms Nusrat Bhutto and few others including former chairman CDA Shafi Sahwani were dropped after their demise.