Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that the Government has plans to eliminate the load-shedding within next 3-4 years through a multi- pronged strategy.

Addressing the meeting of the Council of Common Interests in Islamabad on Tuesday‚ he said the strategy includes production of low cost energy‚ tariff restructuring‚ efficient technology‚ transparency and merit based system.

The Prime Minister said low cost energy will be produced by using coal and hydel power for power generation.

The extraction of coal and development of the infrastructure for power production will be carried out simultaneously to save time. Till such time that the local coal is available‚ it will be imported for power consumption.

He said run of the river projects are being initiated to overcome the short term demands while large dams including Bunji and Diamer-Bhasha will be constructed over a period of time to overcome the irrigation needs as well as the power shortage.

The Prime Minister told the meeting that the power strategy foresees bringing down the power tariff to single digit in three years.

The tariff restructuring is main feature of the new energy policy through which the subsidies will be gradually rationalized. Subsidy will be provided to those consuming 200 units.

All provincial Chief Ministers appreciated the energy policy presented by the government‚ however requested the Council for time to have a detailed analysis of the policy to further improve it within their spheres.